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The Best Online Admin Courses for PAs, VAs, EAs & Admins

Posted on Jan 24, 2024.

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In the ever-evolving business world, the roles of personal assistants (PAs), executive assistants (EAs), virtual assistants (VAs), and administrative assistants are increasingly crucial.

This guide offers a comprehensive run-through of the best online admin courses available for these professions. Carefully selected to bolster skills and advance careers, these online training courses are tailored to meet the continuous changes and challenges faced in these essential roles.


Online PA Courses
Online VA Courses
Online EA Courses
Online Admin Assistant Courses

Online PA Courses

Red Letter Days - Online Level 3 Admin, PA and Secretarial Diploma Course for One

This Online Level 3 Admin, PA, and Secretarial Diploma Course equips individuals with the essential skills for efficient workplace performance. Emphasising time management, customer service, and organisational abilities, the PA training course guides participants through 21 distinct modules.

Course content includes:

  • Strategic work planning
  • Managing travel logistics
  • Crafting professional business letters
  • Tackling a variety of daily activities with confidence and precision

Additionally, the course enhances typing prowess and familiarises students with diverse computer software.

Spanning 15 hours, the comprehensive program ensures a thorough grounding in the fundamentals necessary for administrative competence.

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New Skills Academy - Introduction to the PA Course

This Introduction to the PA Course will guide you in becoming a proficient personal assistant or secretary. The multifaceted nature of being a secretary or PA is explored, highlighting the challenging yet gratifying nature of the role.

This online PA course extensively covers the significance and functions of a personal assistant, emphasising its critical role in various organisational aspects. With an emphasis on communication, technical proficiency, and a solid business mindset, this personal assistant course ensures the development of crucial skills.

Participants will gain insights into the rewarding nature of this profession, emphasising the need for autonomy, accountability, and decision-making prowess in a PA or secretary's role. This personal assistant course paves the way for a successful career by providing a comprehensive foundation for excelling in this dynamic and vital role.

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The Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs

The Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs is the professional body for Legal Secretaries and PAs in the UK. They provide recognised courses, career advice, professional development encouragement and guidance to secure employment. ILSPA's Legal Secretaries Diploma course will provide you with the legal knowledge and practical skills you need to be a competent Legal Secretary. Whether you want to become a Legal Secretary, you are an experienced Legal Secretary who wants to gain a formal qualification, or you are a law graduate who wants to gain the practical skills required to work in the legal profession, their Legal Secretary course is suitable for you. Students can study a variety of legal subjects and can study via distance learning, online classes or by attending our September Class at Regent’s University in London.

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Online VA Courses

Alison - Working as a Virtual Assistant

Discover the art of delivering remote support as a virtual assistant through this Working as a Virtual Assistant course, designed to cater to various career paths.

The course imparts the essential skills and tools necessary for aspiring individuals to thrive as successful virtual assistants (VAs). It provides an overview of the diverse roles VAs can assume, elucidating their client management techniques and utilising specialised skills to carve a niche in the market.

The program also meticulously outlines the pros and cons of establishing a remote support business. With the potential for lucrative earnings from the comfort of one's home, prospective VAs are encouraged to enrol and embark on the initial steps toward a rewarding career in remote support.

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BELAY - Ultimate Virtual Assistant Master Class

The Ultimate Virtual Assistant Master Class provides comprehensive training for those aspiring to become exceptional virtual assistants. It delves into the critical aspects of the role, offering practical, detailed guidance covering all the fundamentals required in this field.

This VA course includes over 90 instructional videos and more than 60 downloadable resources rich in real-world, actionable content. It aims to fully prepare participants, enabling them to support their clients while focusing on broader objectives confidently.

As an entirely digital offering, the course offers the convenience of accessing professional development materials anytime, anywhere, facilitating flexible learning tailored to individual schedules and needs.

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Online EA Courses

Souters - Executive Assistant Diploma

The Executive Assistant Diploma offers a comprehensive training package to create proficient executive Assistants. This program skillfully blends fundamental admin abilities with high-level managerial training, in-depth Microsoft Office instruction, and various advanced, specialised courses. This combination equips participants with a broad spectrum of business and organisational skills essential for effectively supporting executive managers.

This executive assistant course fosters a collaborative working relationship between learners and their managers, enabling them to enhance their partnership skills progressively. This holistic approach to training provides practical know-how and prepares participants to ascend to the peak of their career paths. The course is ideal for those seeking to excel as an executive assistant, offering the tools and knowledge necessary for success in this dynamic field.

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Institute of Executive Assistants and Administrators - Executive PA Certificate Course

The Executive PA Course is specifically designed for individuals aiming to enhance their skills at the executive assistant level. A highly experienced trainer specialising in coaching top Executive PAs and EAs globally conducts this intensive three-day workshop.

The course aims to advance PAs' competencies, focusing on managerial skills essential for excelling in high-level Executive PA roles. It encompasses a broad spectrum of executive and managerial skills and advanced technical knowledge.

The IEAA offers the course in an interactive virtual classroom setting, ensuring full engagement and interaction between the tutor and participants. The curriculum balances theoretical knowledge with practical sessions, incorporating real-life scenarios for a comprehensive learning experience.

Additionally, the course includes a simulated "on the job" task, further enhancing the learning process and preparing attendees for real-world application of their newly acquired skills.

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ACEA® - The Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant

Unlock your potential with the groundbreaking, globally recognised Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant: ACEA®, the premier program transforming the role of executive assistants worldwide. With over a decade of delivery as the sole certified executive-led training program for executive assistants, ACEA® will empower you to become an indispensable business partner by sharpening your business acumen skills.

Certified by Qualifi, a recognised UK awarding body, and brought to you by BMTG (UK) Ltd, ACEA® is backed by over 750 testimonials, scoring 4.9/5.0, with an astounding 99.7% of delegates recommending the course. Delivered globally, ACEA® stands at the pinnacle of executive assistant training and is available in classroom or online formats, tailored for public or in-house settings.

Join the ranks of over 3000 accomplished executive assistants proudly displaying ACEA® after their names. 

With ACEA®, you can elevate your career and amplify your impact. 

Lewis College - EA courses

Lewis College specialises in online PA and office-based courses, offering comprehensive training for careers as Executive Assistants, PAs, Office Managers and Administrators. With over 40 years of experience, the college prides itself on personal tutoring, quality and in-depth course material, and a supportive learning environment. Courses are fully accredited by the awarding body NCFE, designed for flexible home study. Students benefit from dedicated tutor support and have access to career advice post-completion. All courses aim to enhance career prospects, boost confidence, and open up significant job opportunities.

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Online Admin Assistant Courses

Pitman Training - Administrative Assistant Diploma

Pitman Training is renowned for its superior secretarial and administrative training programs. The Administrative Assistant Programme offered by Pitman is comprehensive, equipping learners with a versatile set of high-level administrative skills that will stand out to prospective employers.

Targeted at individuals aspiring to roles such as admin assistant, office assistant, or secretary, the program ensures that graduates are endowed with the professional abilities highly sought after in the business world. The practical skills acquired are directly applicable to the workplace, ensuring a smooth transition from study to professional environment.

The programme offers top-notch, office-centric training, with the flexibility of studying at one of Pitman's training centres or online. The curriculum not only enhances IT proficiency but also imparts business communication skills. Graduates of this admin assistant course will possess a solid career foundation, enabling them to secure positions as dependable admin assistants across various office settings.

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London School of International Business - Level 3 Diploma in Administrative Assistant

The Level 3 Diploma in Administrative Assistant is a detailed online training course crafted to prepare individuals for successful careers in administration. It thoroughly explains the fundamental skills and knowledge essential in the modern business world, focusing on office administration.

The course covers:

  • Organisation
  • Communication skills
  • Technological adeptness
  • Time management
  • Record-keeping
  • Customer service
  • Business correspondence
  • Effective scheduling and planning
  • Database management skills
  • Proficient data entry techniques

Opting for this program will significantly improve your job prospects in diverse sectors, from corporate offices to government entities, educational settings, and non-profit organisations.

Delivered by seasoned instructors, the course combines insightful lectures with hands-on exercises, equipping students with the necessary skills to thrive in the administrative field.

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