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The Best Apps and Tools for EAs, PAs and VAs

Posted on Apr 23, 2024.

With such a busy and dynamic role, executive assistants, personal assistants, and virtual assistants must use the right apps and tools to streamline their workflow and effectively manage a range of competing demands and responsibilities. 

This guide highlights the best apps and tools for staying organised, productive and on top of the many changes and demands that come with these roles. From email sorting to project management, discover how these apps can improve your professional performance and help you avoid overwhelm.


Monday.com is a project management tool designed to be a comprehensive hub for remote teams. Known for its highly visual interface, the platform allows users to quickly assimilate information through intuitive dashboards that feature charts and boards detailing team tasks and performance metrics. It allows assistants to assign tasks, track progress, and share information efficiently from a singular centralised platform.

Additionally, Monday.com incorporates customer relationship management features so users can manage client interactions and track important reminders and details about key clients or prospects. This integrated functionality makes it an essential tool to optimise team coordination and enhance client relations.


Calendly is a leading calendar management app that simplifies the meeting scheduling process. Users set their availability preferences and share a personalised link, which displays a selection of convenient time slots for others. When a time slot is chosen, Calendly automatically schedules the meeting, cutting out the back-and-forth of setting up a meeting.

This tool is handy for assistants coordinating conferences, virtual one-on-ones, interviews, or personal appointments. It supports various meeting formats and automatically adjusts for time zone differences. 

Additional features include the ability to cap the number of daily meetings and set minimum scheduling notices to prevent last-minute appointments. This makes Calendly an indispensable tool for EAs, PAs, and VAs looking to free up time in their busy schedules.


Expensify is an online expense management tool for tracking business expenditures. Through its mobile app, employees can upload receipt images and log mileage automatically via GPS. The platform integrates seamlessly with other apps like Uber and HotelTonight, allowing for direct receipt imports. 

Expensify ensures a smooth reimbursement process by promptly alerting users about missing submissions or potential repayment issues. It can facilitate reimbursements as early as the day following submission.

Administrators benefit from the ability to customise rules and set allowances for team members, streamlining the accounting tasks and month-end closing procedures. As a centralised portal for managing business expenses, Expensify also features reporting tools, making it an essential tool for personal assistants and finance teams wanting to improve expense oversight and efficiency.


SaneBox offers an AI-driven email management service that significantly reduces email handling time by 3 to 4 hours weekly. Using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, SaneBox sorts incoming emails into categorised folders according to their importance. This efficient organisation allows assistants to concentrate on more critical tasks rather than sifting through unimportant messages.

By clearing the clutter from your inbox, SaneBox allows you to easily prioritise your highest-priority tasks. This service ensures that users can dedicate more time to what truly matters, enhancing both professional performance and personal time management.

Call Please

The Call Please app is a highly regarded app for virtual assistants. It features a cloud-based call log designed to streamline communication management. The platform is a centralised hub where users can access call history, contact information, and recorded messages, all easily searchable. Assistants can efficiently label calls, set callback reminders, and delegate phone tasks to other team members. 

Additionally, Call Please has call routing capabilities, making it a pivotal resource for managing and optimising telecommunication tasks. This system ensures that all interactions are logged and organised systematically, improving executive support.


Reclaim.ai is an AI calendar app that helps you automatically find the best time for your meetings, tasks, habits, and breaks around your existing schedule. Designed for busy teams and professionals, Reclaim helps you flexibly defend time to get stuff done and automatically reschedules your daily plan as your priorities change.

The AI app also saves assistants dozens of hours a week by putting your meeting scheduling on auto-pilot, finding the best time for all attendees and maximizing calendar availability. Improve your productivity by 40%, and optimize work-life balance with automatic breaks, calendar sync, Slack status sync, and time tracking.


AI-powered Clariti revolutionizes team collaboration by seamlessly integrating various communication channels and organizing them into context-rich conversations. Its advanced AI capabilities analyze and link relevant information across emails, chats, documents, and calendar events, ensuring teams stay organized and productive. By centralizing communication and providing easy access to past discussions and shared documents, Clariti streamlines workflows and facilitates efficient decision-making.

Teams can collaborate effectively, share ideas, and track tasks without the hassle of switching between multiple tools. Moreover, Clariti's intuitive interface and powerful search functionality enable users to quickly find and retrieve information, enhancing productivity and reducing time spent on mundane tasks. With Clariti, teams can communicate more effectively, stay organized, and achieve their goals with greater ease and efficiency.


Ship.com is acclaimed as the world's most efficient shipping software, offering access to the best shipping rates in the United States, with savings of up to 89% compared to public rates. The platform enables users to connect their online stores, allowing for automatic order imports and enabling shipment of packages in just three clicks. This system saves businesses both time and money, freeing them up to focus on more important tasks.

Furthermore, Ship.com enhances business operations with additional tools, such as a rewards tool and a customer communications tool, which facilitate personalized automated emails or one-on-one conversations. Executive and virtual assistants can particularly benefit from using Ship.com to speed up the shipping process, monitor shipment statuses, and provide customer support, all through a robust dashboard and efficient email communication.

Improve Your Day-To-Day Efficiency In Your Role

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