Permanent & Contract Recruitment

We are valued recruitment business partners to many of London’s leading companies, fine-tuning our meticulous recruitment processes since 2007.

The most successful hires begin with a meeting, ideally at your workplace, to discuss the role in detail, so we can understand your company, values and team dynamics. Asking the right questions gives us clear direction on the skills, experience and character of individual required, and enables us to bring the role to life for our candidates securing their interest and commitment.

We'll put together a detailed recruitment schedule, working to your timescales and the ideal start date, and we’ll get to work. We’ll launch a campaign; marketing and advertising the position, tapping into our extensive database, networks and referrals, to identify the best talent available. 

Utilising all our resources to ensure we’ve spoken to the very best on the market, we will then present you with a shortlist of high calibre, competency interviewed, screened/vetted & qualified candidates.

Permanent & Contract Recruitment

Interview & Offer

We'll organise the interview process, coordinating interview feedback both ways until you choose the perfect candidate.

We'll then manage the offer process for you, until your offer is accepted and a start date with the successful candidate is confirmed, assisting with onboarding and checking in with you both throughout any notice period, until the candidate starts their new position.

We always stay in touch with both you and your new employee, and we love to hear how they’re getting on.

Permanent & Contract Recruitment

We are proud to share that our repeat business rate is 96% which is testament to the quality of our service, and the trust that our clients have in our ability to consistently deliver excellent results.

Maintaining this success rate requires a thorough understanding of our clients' needs, a robust screening and selection process, effective & honest communication, and outstanding customer service.

If you are looking for an exceptional addition to your team, or just a confidential chat at this stage, get in touch and one of our senior team will talk you through the next steps, or answer any questions you may have.

Permanent & Contract Recruitment