Hire a Travelling PA Today

With an outstanding success rate and a reputation for high-calibre recruitment, Tyler Griffen is the premier agency for hiring travelling PAs in London. Whether you need temporary or permanent support, our meticulous recruitment process ensures you find a personal assistant who seamlessly integrates into your dynamic lifestyle and demanding travel schedule. 

From managing complex itineraries to handling personal tasks on the go, our travelling PAs can provide exceptional support wherever your journey takes you. Let us help you hire your perfect travelling PA.

  • Tap into our extensive database of top-tier travelling personal assistants, available for contract, temporary, and permanent placements.

  • Benefit from over 30 years of combined experience in PA recruitment, ensuring a superior client and candidate experience.

  • Our rigorous interviewing, screening, and referencing procedures guarantee that you hire a highly qualified and trustworthy travelling PA.

Our Approach to Travelling PA Recruitment

As experts in recruiting travelling PAs, we understand the unique demands of this role, which goes beyond managing schedules and travel logistics. A travelling PA must be adaptable, resourceful, and capable of maintaining confidentiality while navigating diverse cultures and environments.

Our candidates come to us through a network built on trust and excellence, providing access to high-calibre talent you won't find elsewhere. This network allows us to source travelling PAs who are skilled and enthusiastic about regular travel. With Tyler Griffen, you can expect unparalleled support and expertise in hiring the ideal travelling PA for your needs.

How Our Travelling PA Recruitment Process Works

  • Initial Consultation: We begin with a comprehensive consultation to understand your travel needs, role requirements and personal preferences. As seasoned travelling PA recruitment consultants, we ask detailed questions to identify your ideal candidate profile.

  • Customised Recruitment Plan: We’ll guide you through our tailored recruitment process, address any queries, and set a timeline for your travelling PA’s start date. We’ll then create a detailed interview schedule.

  • Candidate Search: Leveraging our exclusive network, we identify and engage with top travelling PA candidates who match your specified criteria.

  • Shortlisting: After rigorous vetting, we interview selected candidates to ensure they’re perfectly suited for your role, then submit their CVs for your review.

  • Interview Coordination: We arrange and manage the interview stages, facilitating feedback until you find the ideal travelling PA.

  • Offer and Onboarding: We handle the offer process, confirm the start date, and support you with referencing and onboarding your new travelling PA, ensuring a seamless transition.


Travelling PA Recruitment FAQs

What distinguishes Tyler Griffen from other travelling PA recruitment agencies in London?

Our 96% client repeat business rate speaks for itself! We meticulously select and vet candidates, ensuring high standards. Our team is honest, approachable, and dedicated to taking the stress out of hiring a travelling PA. You will always receive support from a recruitment expert with extensive experience in placing PAs in travel-focused roles. Our vast network and commitment to excellence ensure you find the perfect travelling PA for your needs.

What sectors do you serve in travelling PA recruitment?

We partner with a diverse range of sectors, including financial services, management consultancy, professional services, real estate, technology, start-ups, luxury brands, and private households. Our clients range from SMEs and start-ups to FTSE100 global brands, all seeking top-tier travelling PAs who can seamlessly integrate into their dynamic environments.

What are the key qualities of a successful travelling PA?

We find that the best travelling PAs are highly organised, adaptable, and resourceful, which helps them manage complex travel itineraries and handle last-minute changes to travel plans. Cultural sensitivity and discretion are also very important for managing sensitive information and interacting within different cultural environments.

What is the typical salary range for a travelling PA?

Salaries for travelling PAs vary based on experience, skills, and the specific demands of the role. Generally, travelling PAs can expect higher compensation due to the added responsibilities and travel requirements. We provide guidance on competitive salary ranges and benefits packages and help negotiate terms that align with your expectations and the candidate’s expertise.

What level of experience do your travelling PAs typically have?

Our travelling PAs range from junior to senior levels, with varied backgrounds in managing complex travel logistics and high-profile schedules. We ensure that candidates have relevant experience and are well-equipped to handle the specific demands of your role, offering expertise and reliability.

Can a travelling PA assist with both professional and personal tasks?

Yes, our travelling PAs are adept at managing various tasks, from organising business travel and meetings to handling personal errands and household management. This versatility ensures they can manage all aspects of your life efficiently, whether you're at home or abroad.